About us

The Cracklin' Pig

The cracklin pig is blend of two continents. Emiel our chef originates from the Southern Hemisphere (South Africa to be exact) to put it bluntly no one can cook a pig like Emiel. Many people ask us the question "why does it taste so different from other pig roast" the answer is always the same and simple-
1- passion
2- ask Emiels grandparents as they provide the seasonings for the flavourings.

The second half of the team is James. Although he does not originate from exotic lands his passion for cooking and customer care is second to none. Having worked in the catering industry for over 10 years you can be assured your guests will looked after to the highest of standards (even if they steal all the cracklin')

The Cracklin' Pig will be the talkin point of many of your guest in the following days and weeks. We are that confident, we can, if required provide references from previous clients.